British built KW2000A CW/SSB amateur band transmitter/receiver. A real success story from the 1960's when the small K.W. company designed and began to market the series, starting with the KW2000 which had a single 6146 output valve (tube) rated at 90 watts P.E.P. The "A" variant had a pair of 6146's, doubling the output power which found a ready market throughout the world. Coverage is most (200kHz segments) of the pre-WARC 1979 amateur bands, including the hugely popular 160 meter band. Most rival equipment on the market at that time (Collins and Heathkit for example) had the band missing, and this fact alone gave the "2000A" a great marketing advantage. The main selectivity, provided by a Japanese Kokusai mechanical filter operating at 455 kHz gave a nice "rounded" sounding transmission and excellent (for the time) receive performance.