Pink Princess
Fantasy Wrestler !!!

B from Sussex

Hiya.P.P. What an awesome experience! Today was the first time we wrestled and all I can say is WOW! You are damned good... No question. As you now know I am a big guy but you were totally un-phased and set about me with relish! Our hour session flew by and I am still feeling the effects now.
I won't give a "blow by blow" account of our encounter but you are something else! Sooooo powerful and when you smothered me with those lethal weapons! No words!
Only one thing you mentioned made me sad....the (no shows) Please let me tell you people who don't "show"
You don't know what you are missing! The Princess works extremely hard behind the scenes to look after the likes of us. She is more than a gem , more of a treasure, please read the website, follow the instructions, and don't waste her time if you are not serious. Thanks P.P. As promised we will meet again soon. X


L From Malta :

Words can barely express what a fantastic person and the wonderful time I had in my hour session with the Pink Princess. For starters I had never done anything like this before and being a shy person it was fantastic to find someone so nice. She came to pick me at the station and drove me to her nice and very well kept apartment. We then wrestled for an hour...or better...I gladly submitted to her for most of the hour it was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend it. Wonderful personality and will definitely be back.

Until next time...take care


Writes James :

I cannot express adequately how wonderful in so many ways - physical and psychological, sensual and stimulating, sexual and fantasy fulfilling was my time with PP.
A true Princess of her profession.
She is all the things other submissives and wrestling addicts have written about here
Now I am back home overseas my big big regret about my trip to the UK was that I was only able to see this Princess among fantasists and dominatrixes only once.
Alas it was all too late and now instead of getting on the train for that more than dreamed of journey to extant I can only daydream of PP and check out her website - a other delight.
But in the flesh she more than exceeds expectations. In the flesh she is simply awesome.
Lying captive under her beautiful feet looking into her eyes above her magnificent and massive glorious breasts is a heaven I dream of in my own bleak country.
O to be in England where this Princess rules so many enraptured , enslaved hearts!

All the way from the USA!


G from Kent

As regards the session I enjoyed being over powered by you a lot. you are a strong young lady and you made me submit a couple of times. The arm locks were excellent and you were very firm with them and not to easy on me which is what I like. would have liked that to go on longer. Anyway thanks again pink and hope to see you again.

T, from London

Thanks for the session today. It was very enjoyable and exactly what I was looking for. I found you very friendly and thanks for the drink before hand. You got into our roleplay easily, you are one of the best fantasy /role play wrestlers out there.

I hope to see you again soon,
Kind Regards

M from London

"I spent a lovely hour of wrestling the pink princess has a great personality and loves her work. I look forward to seeing her again."

From S From Kent

Another lovely, lovely session with the pp. She is delightful company – bubbly, lively, energetic and very go getting.

The booking was straightforward and she was kind enough to meet me at the station.

I told her my ideal way of losing to her, and she promptly set about me as I’d asked. She may be smaller and lighter than me but I certainly didn’t notice that once we began wrestling – or more accurately once she began (delightfully) beating me up. Her weight on me seemed very heavy and her legs seemed very powerful – I couldn’t get free from them even when I tried. She’s pretty strong – I should rephrase that – she’s pretty and she’s strong!

A wonderful session but I ended up exhausted and very definitely defeated.

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Hi I am D...from Essex

I recently had a very enjoyable sesson with pp in kent at her home. Which is very nice discreet her mats was clean and soft. Her legs are very very strong once round your neck no chance to get free I am glad I was not put in a triangle choke or figure 4 as she could put any man to sleep. Her feet are so nice soft clean I was lucky to massage them and kiss her soles but wished I had sucked her toes. Then she smothered me and I was begging for air I will be booking another sesson soon many thanks dean

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i had a visit from pp today , she was very friendly and chatty and made me feel at ease . She is a gorgeous sexy girl who dominated me with that beautiful body of hers , it was an even better experience than i had hoped for . I will definitely have to see pp again , cant stop thinking about her perfect boobs and bum , she is one sexy blonde bombshell


From D. G. in London.

I recently had a very enjoyable afternoon visiting the Pink Princess in Kent. Princess specialises in fantasy mixed wrestling sessions. Nothing competitive all good fun and for this She has an array of costumes available. We had a storyline to work to and She swiftly put me in my place- flat on my back- and then smothered me with her beautiful bottom until I was pleading for release. Princess is well equipped to smother her victims with her magnificent chest too and she put this part of her anatomy to good use. With her strong leg scissors I was soon well and truly defeated and humiliated. Bliss!
Princess is a nice person. Very chatty with a bubbly personality. She very kindly gave me a lift from the station to her attractive flat, we chatted over a drink before the session and then again afterwards. No hurry at all! Finally She gave me another lift back to the station. Anybody wanting a good facesitting experience in the SE area should check out

From D in London.

Hello Pink Princess!

Thanks for the session today. It was really enjoyable and exactly what I wanted. You got into our roleplay easily, it was almost natural! Seriously though, you are one of the best fantasy / role play wrestlers out there.

I hope to see you again soon, even if it is just for a manicure! :-)

Best wishes,

R , From kent


N from up north.

Had my first wrestle ever with PP. Could not have been better, everything went so smoothly. I was soon subjected to her will, yet it was never painful or threatening although I was pinned underneath her beautiful body for a long time. I had so much fun I can't believe how quickly the session went. I will definitely go back to see PP again soon - and book for a longer wrestle next time.

From : K. in London

Just had my first wrestling session with the wonderful PP today.
I was squeezed, squashed, pinned and smothered and there was nothing I could do to stop it, and it was awesome!

From : M in South London

I felt the service was great and was exactly what i was looking for. Princess was kind, generous and hospitable. The conditions were excellent with good mats and was very clean. I would certainly recommed her to anyone.


Just finished another great session with the pp. I booked a longer session this time and enjoyed every minute. I picked two outfits for our wrestle and again the pp looked outstanding in them. She followed my story line and soon had me just where she wanted me ! I would like to say a big thank you to the pp and will be booking again very soon. Have a look at the web site : I can guarantee if you book a fantasy wrestling session with the pp you will not be disappointed.

From : Rich in Essex.

I have just finished a session with the pink princess and i must say what a wonderful lady. she makes you feel very welcome and also makes sure she knows exactly what sort of session you are looking for. We had a drink before we started then got changed, she looked amazing in her outfit and boy does she know all the holds, she soon had me under control as i tried to escape. I would like to thank the princess for making the booking and the whole session a joy.I am booking another session as soon as possible but for longer next time. Anyone reading this please do not look any further for anyone else this lady has it all
thanks pp xxx

From : P in East London.

I had the pleasure of a two-hour session with PP today. I had liked her helpful attitude on the phone and on my arrival she was most welcoming in showing me where to park, offering shower facilities and a drink. We discussed ideas for the session and got stuck in (after I'd taken a moment to take in the vision of loveliness in front of me!). I wanted a fantasy wrestle to start, followed by some rolepay - the idea was to increase the intensity as the session went on, with PP using submission holds, smothering, facesitting, etc to extract a series of confessions out of me !

Afterwards we even popped over to Bluewater so we could have some diner together ! A job well done PP - highly recommended. Thanks P from East london

From : P in Essex.

I had a 1 hour wrestling session with pink princess today . Arranging the session was really easy after following the instructions on the wrestlemenow pink princess website.I found pink princess by putting in ( sessionwrestlersuk on google). I love wrestling and have wrestled with women a fair few times and on some sessions I haven't got exactly what I wanted from the session , but with pink princess ive got to say I was well pleased with the lot . We met as arranged at her place on the kent /essex border at 1.30 pm and pink princess waited for me and showed me wear to park then showed me into her apartment made me a drink and best of all asked me exactly how I would like our session to be . We wrestled semi competitive on good soft mats and princess wrestled topless .when the session finished princess did not rush for me to leave and we talked for about 15 minutes after . All in all if you have a wrestling session with princess you will be glad you did as I was , I will book pink princess again definitely. P from Essex

From : S from the south east

Had a lovely time. Princess was very professional and very kind, a lovely person - and, boy, she can wrestle!
The booking was easy and Princess met me at the station. She invited me to choose what she should wear and we discussed what sort of wrestling I wanted. The hour's wrestling went by oh so quickly. Of course she was far too tough for me; she won by several miles but I just loved it. I hope to come back for more.

From: S.G.- in Surrey.

I have had two fantasy wrestles with Pink Princess, and I'm hoping to have another one before long. One hour is not enough ! Thanks PP. XXXXX

From : D. - in North London.

Hi Princess,
I just got home. As l was coming up to see you today Princess on the train all l was thinking would l enjoy myself also hopefully l would not get hurt as it was the very first time doing any like this and as l was getting more and more nervous as we got closer and closer to your station l was really thinking of turning back and going home. But I'm really, really glad l did not turn back and go home because l had a really, really great time today with you Princess. You were very sweet and friendly from the start by kindly picking me up from station it help me a lot Princess that you kept on talking to me in the car and by the time we got to your penthouse l was really not nervous any more. It was really nice of you Princess to make me a cup of coffee while you talked to me a bit more and it was also very kind of you Princess to let me choose the outfit you wore for our wrestling Session as you looked really lovely in it. I really, really enjoyed myself today Princess and I'm really hoping you enjoyed yourself to Princess. Also thanks for taking me back to station. I would really like to come back and see you again Princess very soon hopefully you will let me. Once again Princess thanks for a really great time today. I am really hoping Princess you can understand what I'm trying to say, as I'm not very good at putting into words what I'm thinking.
Take Care.
Lots Of Love.

From : J.D. - in location ?

Hi Princess

Pink Princess is a delight to wrestle and actually very good as well. I had a fantasy session and still think about it. Highly recommend Princess and can't wait to see her again. And of course as a bonus she is gorgeous!!


P.S. I meant every word of that and like your new pictures on your website!!

From : K. - in location Essex.

When I got to pp's house ,I was greeted by a very pretty but quite petite stunner the mats we all laid ready for me.
as we started I was thinking that this girl would probably not even be able to get me down to the floor as I was about twice her size, as we started she soon tripped me over and then I was totally dominated on the ground , she has great strength for her size but even more than that her balance is unbelievable she got me pinned down in a superb cow girl pin and rode me like I was her horse every time I tried to get her off she just rode it out until I was tired and then punished me with either a breast smother or face sit, when she got me in a reverse cow girl there was nothing I could do to get her off.
After my session which was 10 minutes longer than I paid for I laid exhausted as she stood over me with her foot on my chest in a victory pose.
a really enjoyable and tiring session,
Thanks Princess

From : B (from up North)!

"Had a great match with Princess today. She's a lovely lady and a great wrestler. Despite me being a little bit taller and heavier than her, the match was pretty even - the mats went everywhere though! Polite, friendly, courteous and beautiful, not to mention one tough little cookie - I will definitely be back for more soon."

Love From B from up North

From : T in London

I've had three wrestling sessions with Pink Princess and she is brilliant. Princess is a really nice person with a great sense of fun and a fantastic set of outfits. Above all she is gorgeous, I enjoyed the sessions so much that I had just booked her up for session number 4 - two hours worth this time. I just know that I will be back for more after that!

From : CK in Kent

I recently had my first session with Pink Princess. She very kindly took the trouble to drive and pick me up at the station. This gave me time to have an early chat with Her and after we arrived at Her nice flat we spoke some more over drinks.
Princess is a bubbly talkative person with a very curvy sexy figure. She specialises in Fantasy mixed wrestling and has an array of costumes available. She likes to have a storyline and so do I.
Once we had started Princess quickly put me in my place- flat on my back! In no time I was completely smothered as She ground her beautiful bottom all over rmy face. I was owned! It was an unforgettable experience. I only wish I was capable of holding my breath for longer! Princess really knows how to facesit!
Princess has another couple of other assets too, both well capable of smothering a helpless male. I soon made close acquaintance with them! I was overwhelmed. Heaven!
At other times my head was squeezed between Her strong thighs as She made me admit to my sins. No doubt who was in charge!
By the end I was exhausted and humbled. But in a very good way!
Altogether it was a great afternoon which finished with another drink and chat before Princess drove me back to the station.
Thanks very much for a most enjoyable time! xx

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